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Premium Resistance Bands

Full Set

Introducing our newest set of resistance bands. Designed specifically to target any muscle group you want. Essentially, you can recreate any gym workout typically used with weights/machines all with the portable resistance band. Get creative with your workouts and start building some muscle during your time at home. 


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Our bands are made with 100% natural latex made to stretch and return to its original shape time and time again. These high-quality resistance bands for strength training are different sizes in length and come in five levels of resistance. Available in color-coded resistances ranging from extra light to extra heavy. Sold individually or buy a full set of 5 bands at a discounted price.


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Key Features:

- Unique Fitness Concepts resistance bands are the perfect partner for a multitude of exercises starting with pull-ups. Use the different resistance levels to gradually improve your strength.

- Combine bands for more levels of resistance.

- Perfect workout companion for gym, home, or travel use.

- Excellent for bodybuilding and powerlifting gradual resistance training.

- Trainers will love the variety of resistance levels of ring, free weight, and pull-up workouts.

- The lighter bands are excellent for conditioning, stretching, and rehab while the heavier bands are perfect for exercises that would need heavier incremental resistance such as squats, shrugs, deadlifts, and a variety of presses.


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